How it works

How IBAN payment processing works:

Merchants place a line of code for our payment gateway on their website. When the consumer clicks it,
their location and language are geo-detected, and they receive a payment form in their language.

Upon checkout, the users get a transaction ID and a link to their bank's website. After they sign in to the bank's secure site,
they enter the transaction ID and pay for the service, membership, or product directly from their account.

Customer Checkout Process

Click the screenshots below for full-size examples of the checkout process.

Step 1 - Country and Email

After clicking the Smart Button, the customer confirms their country and enters their email.

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Step 2 - Name and Password

The customer enters the first and last name and picks a password.

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Step 3 - Pay via bank

Customers receive a transaction ID and a link to their Banks website. Customers log into the bank's website and initiate and complete the transaction.

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No Problem

The customer is prompted to print out a receipt with the transaction ID to take to their bank.

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